The Vineyard

"A great wine begins in the vineyard"

Daryl and Phillipa Heslop wish to welcome you personally to Stonehurst Cedar Creek, a beautiful part of the historic Wollombi Valley. Ours is truly a family run business. 

Since the original land grants in the 1820’s, this farm has been owned by only two families. The descendants of George Goldsmith and John Howell (Napoleonic War veterans) and our family since the Second World War. Daryl has since designed and built the sandstone homestead, timber slab and convict brick cottages and sandstone Cellar Door. All encompass the stories and rich heritage of the property. 

On land renowned for its horticultural produce, our family hand planted vines of Semillon, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Shiraz, Chambourcin and Muscat.

Our vision for the vineyard is to produce premium quality fruit through sustainable viticulture - no insecticides and only organically approved fungicides are used. 

To capture sunlight and to aid airflow the vines are grown on elevated split canopy trellising. The grapes thrive on the rich alluvial soils of the sheltered valley floor which has a rich diversity of birdlife that control the insects, and those who prefer the taste of grapes are kept away with the use of a birdcall deter system.

With 18 acres (8ha), vineyard maintenance is a full time affair. Hand pruning and training occupy most of winter. A companion crop is often sown between the vines to ensure the health of the soil. With spring comes budburst and constant monitoring with maintenance of the vine's vigour encouraged by mulching the vineyards to supress competing grasses and weeds. Then over a long warm summer, the grapes develop to maturity and are hand-picked from mid February to mid March.

The result of this labour of love - award winning wines and a healthy, indeed superb environment!